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Welcome the Kovach Family!

We are so excited to introduce our newest miracle family – The Kovachs! Their twin daughters, Lavinia and Gwendolyn, were born prematurely and spent time in the NICU. Their story is very near and dear to our hearts and demonstrates the importance of our current NICU Transport Expansion Project with Prisma Health Children's Hospital of the Upstate.

Lavinia and Gwendolyn Kovach at Clemson Miracle Dance Marathon 2023.
Gwendolyn Kovach (on the left) assisting with arts and crafts and Livinia Kovach (on the right) playing corn hole at Clemson Miracle Dance Marathon 2023.

We had the opportunity to celebrate their first Dance Marathon with them this past year! We are excited to love and support them for years to come. Here is their story:


"Our twin daughters, Lavinia Rose and Gwendolyn Grace, came to us on Halloween of 2014 at 23 weeks gestation. Weighing just over 1 pound apiece, they had a very low chance of surviving their first 24 hours of life and even less chance of surviving past their first week. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion and one that many regard as the happiest day of their life quickly became one for us that was filled with anxiety and fear that the worst outcome any parent could imagine would occur. However, from the time that the delivery nurse placed the two pink wristbands on our arms until the NICU team escorted us out of the hospital with Livy (5 months later) and Gwen (after 11 months), our time at the Children's Hospital was marked by compassionate and expert care. During that long journey before taking the girls home, we came to know and love the dedicated staff. Our nurses, doctors, and care team members ensured that we were cared for just as well as they tended to our girls. Between the sleepless nights in the rocking chair next to the isolette to the early morning and the late-night phone calls to get updates on all the medical terms we learned along the way, no question went unanswered or concern went unaddressed. We felt educated and prepared to head home with a child dependent on a ventilator, oxygen, and a G-tube. The education they provided us to support our daughters' medical care after discharge allowed our daughters to thrive in their home environment. For this, we will forever be grateful to these individuals and owe them a lifetime of happiness. Eight years later, our daughters are growing into beautiful and kind individuals who bring joy to those around them. Livy is excelling in school and loves all things sports and books. Gwen has an infectious laugh, a wonderful sense of humor and is an amazingly talented musician. We couldn't have imagined where each of them is now from when we first stepped into the hospital. It is a true gift to be able to have them with us each and every day." – The Kovach Family


Lavinia and Gwendolyn's story truly inspires us!​

Here is a recent picture from The Kovach Family's summer vacation at the beach. Stay updated on The Kovach Family's life and learn more about them by checking out their social media.



Two girls on a beach.
Lavinia and Gwendolyn Kovach on a beach for 2023 summer vacation.

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