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Donor drive is a wonderful tool that enables you to keep track of your donations throughout the fundraising year.


  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down and click on REGISTER NOW

  3. Click on REGISTER NOW!

    1. If you participated last year click LOGIN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT under “Been Here Before?”

    2. If you are new, fill out the information needed in the blanks

  4. Select Participant Type MIRACLE MAKER

  5. Role JOIN A TEAM

  6. Find a Team to Join and Find YOUR COMMITTEE OR MORALE 21-22. You can also make your own team or just register as a dancer.

  7. You’re all set! Now you can customize your page, send fundraising emails, and connect your social media accounts

Download the DonorDrive App on your phone to keep track of your donations on the go!

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