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Welcome to the Fundraising Guide! Below is a guide to help you make miracles happen.  


Create a List of People and ask them for Donations

This list should contain family members, friends, co-workers, classmates, neighbors, and other individuals who may be willing to support you in your fundraising efforts.


Establish Connections

Make sure that you establish connections with each type of audience you come across by finding a common interest. Know your audience when asking for funds. Tailor your “ask” to each audience. Make in person asks. Also, try to ask the friends and family you see on a regular basis to support you. Make sure to share your personal “why” with others so that can connect with you easily.


Sample Letter or Email




Today is Clemson Miracle’s Dance Marathon! I am very excited about this event and I would love for you to consider supporting me in my efforts.


Clemson Miracle is Clemson University's largest student-run nonprofit organization. Clemson Miracle members work year-long to raise funds and awareness through campus wide and community events because Kids Can't Wait. I'm currently at Dance Marathon celebrating with the Miracle Families and other dancers.


This year, Clemson Miracle has committed to for the kids' futures and their families at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital-Upstate. This is our year long campaign to envision more memories, moments, milestones, and happiness for each child.


This year, we will contribute our funds to a neonatal ambulance to help transport Prisma Health's most precious cargo. Prisma Health transports over 900 babies ever year, and this ambulance ensures safe travel.


I am participating in Clemson Miracle Dance Marathon to help make a difference in the lives of others, and I am asking you to join me in supporting this cause.


Any contribution will help, and all donations are 100% tax deductible.


Thank you in advance for supporting me, Clemson Miracle, and most importantly, the patients and families at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital-Upstate.


You can donate to my personal fundraising page here: [enter fundraising page URL]


Kids Can't Wait,


[Your Name]

Sample Facebook Post

Today I'm at Clemson Miracle's Dance Marathon! I'm committing to make the lives of our miracle kids better at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital-Upstate in Greenville, SC. Today, I will stand on my feet for 11 hours to support the patients and families at the hospital! Please help us reach this momentous goal by donating to me at [Personal Fundraising Link] Please reach out to me if you would like to learn more about this organization!


Sample Instagram/ Snapchat Stories

  • Today, I am trying to raise $26 for the 26 days that most babies spend in the NICU at Prisma. If you would like to support me, please click on the link in my bio. Thank you!

  • Today, I am trying to raise $7 for the 7 facility dogs that snuggle, play and help laugh away the stress of being in a hospital for children. If you would like to support me, please scroll up and click on the link to my personal fundraising page.

  • Be #ForTheirFutures with Clemson Miracle by helping me raise $20 for the child life specialists providing activities and educational services during a child’s time in the hospital.

Sample text message

Hey (Insert friend's name)! Today I am standing for 11 hours with Clemson Miracle to support the patients and families at Prisma Health Children’s Hospital-Upstate! I have set a goal to raise [Your Fundraising Goal] to help Clemson Miracle commit to providing life-saving transportation to critically ill babies. Please consider supporting me by donating at [Personal Fundraising Page]! If you would like to learn more about this organization, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Sample Tweet:

Please consider supporting Clemson Miracle’s movement and be #ForTheirFutures! Visit [your link here]

Sample Instagram Post:

*Post a throwback picture* I had the chance of living a healthy, happy childhood, but not every kid is that lucky. Help me help the kids at Prisma Health Children's Hospital-Upstate have a happy childhood by donating to the link in my bio!


  • Shorten your donor drive link in your profile settings!

  • Post your link on social media--make a Facebook post sharing your "why" and include your shortened url!

  • Use the bio sections of social media profiles to include your link to Donor Drive

  • Ask your parents' companies to support Clemson Miracle (Most companies will match donations too!)

  • Send personal emails/letters/calls to family and friends

  • Send requests on venmo!

  • Personalize your pitch

  • Share what donations help the hospital!

  • Share Miracle Kid stories or personal stories about your experience with Clemson Miracle!

  • Anytime you get a donation, send a thank you email through Donor Drive or send a personal thank you!

  • Make sure you are fundraising yourself before asking others to give to you. Lead by example.

  • Ask for advice from others who are fundraising! They will have good tips and ideas.

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