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You can find descriptions of each committee below. If you have any questions of concerns about these descriptions, please contact our Executive Director Lizzy Eastham at

Marketing Committee

  • Develop social media graphics and video content for proceeds nights, fundraising push days, promotional content for merchandise, and various events throughout the year

  • Help document Clemson Miracle’s events through photography or videography

  • Create videos to be used for big events such as Goal Reveal, Dance Marathon promos, and a recap of Dance Marathon

Fundraising Committee 

  • Responsible for helping communicate fundraising tips to teams through Team Captains

  • Work on creating ideas for fundraising push days, fundraising tips and ideas, and day of Dance Marathon fundraising pushes

  • Must have confidence in fundraising skills

Recruitment Committee 

  • Present to different student organizations on campus about Clemson Miracle at chapters/meetings

  • Help create personalized PowerPoints for each organization presentation

  • Must be comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people about Clemson Miracle

  • Help plan and attend Child Health Day on October 2nd, 2023

Membership Committee

  • Communicating with Miracle Makers and providing information about upcoming fundraising pushes, external events, and Dance Marathon

  • Working with Team Captains to ensure their organization is actively registering members and keeping up with their fundraising goals

  • Managing and Coordinating the Miracle Cup

Community Events Committee

  • Help with the logistics of all events, including Dance Marathon, our Fall Fundraiser, and any other events we put on

  • At Dance Marathon, you will help run various booths and games throughout the day, help with check-in and check-out, greet special guests, and assists with any other behind-the-scenes things that come up throughout the day

Hospitality Committee 

  • Contact grocery stores, restaurants, and local businesses to set up proceeds nights or profit shares and either obtain monetary or food donations

  • Help with the setup and distribution of food at Dance Marathon

Partnership Committee

  • Contact local and corporate businesses for sponsorships 

  • Organize and set up profit shares

Hospital Relations Committee 

  • Help with the planning and execution of family events in Greenville and on Clemson’s campus (e.g. playroom activities at Prisma Health-Upstate, Trunk-or-Treat, tailgates, etc.)

  • Work in the family room during Dance Marathon and help with the set-up and breakdown of the room

  • Entertain the children and their families in the family room during Dance Marathon

  • Must be available to go to Greenville once a month for playroom activities at the hospital and attend committee meetings on campus twice a month

  • Help with coordinating information and designing our monthly newsletter that will go to families, donors, etc.

Event Operations Assistant

  • This position is focused on planning the DAY OF DANCE MARATHON! 

  • Planning and booking entertainment, deciding themes, games, and making the event the best event possible! Reaching out to organizations and entertainment for the event.

  • Help Event Ops with confirmation and follow through with entertainment

  • A great position if you are interested on being on the Executive Board in the future

Merchandise Committee

  • Help with distribution of merchandise across campus throughout the year

  • Brainstorming merchandise ideas for various events and day of Dance Marathon

Alumni Relations Assistant

  • Serve as a liaison between the alumni community and the active members of Clemson Miracle

  • Responsible for making spreadsheets of past alumni and reaching out to include the members of this list in our activities

  • Attending one Executive Board meeting per month

  • Working with External Communications Team to formulate newsletters and outreach to alumni to keep them in the loop

Community Marathons Assistant

  • Reaching out and connecting with local high schools, churches, and other organizations to involve them in our philanthropic efforts

  • Encouraging and assisting high schools in executing a mini dance marathon

  • Attending one Executive Board meeting per month

  • Work with External Communications Team to create an information packet for organizations looking to carry out mini-marathons and or support our fundraising efforts

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