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Hanging out with our Miracle Child Brinkley always puts a smile on our faces!

RadioThon 2015 Final Reveal

RadioThon 2015's final total was $295,552!

Tajh Boyd is FTK!

Huge thank you to our favorite former Clemson athlete, Tajh Boyd! We appreciate your support!

Spiderman is FTK too!

Spiderman if FTK!


Our team loves helping with events that the hospital hosts like RadioThon!

DMLC 2014

Our awesome lead team traveled to Chicago for Dance Marathon Leadership Conference 2014! We learned so much!

DMLC Regional Conference

Our leadership team traveled to the DMLC Regional Conference in Atlanta!

Cancer Sucks!

Handing out suckers on Library Bridge to raise awareness about CMN Hospitals.

Hour 10

Some of our 2015 Leadership Team still having a blast as they enter Hour 10 of our dance marathon. Way to go ladies!

Talent Show

Each year, our Miracle Kids perform a talent show. Here's a picture of one of our favorite performances of Let It Go by Princess Elsa!

Capturing the Moment

One of our 2015 Advisors, Ashley Miller, capturing the magic of dance marathon on video!


In 2015, we raised $41,914.64 for Children's Miracle Network. This was a 20% increase in fundraising from years past! We couldn't be more proud of our team and our community!

Rave Hour

Our dancers loved lighting up the dance floor during the Rave!

Lead Team Hospital Visit

Each year we try to visit the Greenville Health System Children's Hospital to see where the funds we raise go and visit the children!

FTK Swag on Library Bridge!

In 2015 we sold hats and fanny packs as a fundraiser and as items for the dancers to bring to our event! It was a big hit!

About to feed hundreds of dancers!

Our Catering team did an awesome job of bringing in food from our local partners in Clemson. Thank you to Chipotle, BGR, and everyone else who helped keep our dancer fueled!

Morale Team

The Morale team gets energized before teaching everyone the 2015 Line Dance!


Dancers show their support FTK before the event began (we know this because they are sitting and we don't allow sitting during our event).

Family Chairs in the Family Suite!

Our Family Relations chairs did a great job creating and decorating the Family Suite!

A través de los años

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