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What is All In Day?

All In Day is Clemson Miracle’s largest fundraising push of the year before our Main Event, Dance Marathon. Over the course of these 48 hours, we come together as an organization, “All In” to change kids’ health. 


This year, as we set out to continue to raise funds for Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, never lose sight of the incredible impact these $35,000 will have!

When All In Day begins on January 23rd at 9 pm, we will be 18 days away from Dance Marathon! The next two days will be the best days to kick start our Miracle Makers’ involvement and fundraising efforts.

Till Dance Marathon

Fundraising Resources

Check out the All In Day Guide. It features more information about All In Day, the daily schedule, and many fundraising ideas and templates.

We will have 6 fundraising pushes throughout the 48 hours to help you raise money. Click on the corresponding fundraising push numbers below to download the graphic.


For more information and questions about All In Day, please do not hesitate to contact our Fundraising Chair, Christina Autilio, at, or Finance Director, Jillian Young, at

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